Thursday, July 5, 2012

I suck at blogging

I suck at this. Time to play "ketchup".

Birth Story!!

As I was saying I got to the hospital around 6:00pm.

(I went to Labor and Delivery wearing a fitted t-shirt, running shorts, and running shoes. The nurse hooking me up to the monitor says, "how far along are you I don't think its time you may be in pre term labor" ummm no! I am 39weeks and 5days THANK YOU VERY MUCH! then she says ,"How did you get here, did you run or walk? Where do you live?" okay idiot...Yep I ran all the way here (its a good 10 miles to hospital. People are so silly)

Remember I told you I had a few "I think its time"'s and each time I was rejected. So as I am waiting in triage to get my labor check I am dreading thinking about being sent home AGAIN. I just want to see my baby. It had been forever since I had even seen her on an ultrasound :( 

The nurse came in hooked me up to the monitor and I crossed my fingers and prayed for my contractions to get harder and closer together. haha I know who does that!! FREAK. Just my luck they were spaced out and irregular but I was definitely contracting. The big defining moment was coming...the cervical check. I have never in my life wanted a woman to put her fingers in my vajayjay so bad! HURRY UP AND CHECK ME!! Tell me I am staying puh-lezzzz!!!! 

"You are 4 cm. Lets get you a room" OMG!!!!! I am staying! WHAT!?!?!?!?)(^#)@%^)#(^)(Q#%*(*@$%!)(*&%@)*&%)@*!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 

After calling everyone and sharing the good news I gave Asa the okay to come to the hospital. Don't ask why he didn't go with me to begin with. MEN.

I was doing great feeling awesome! The contractions were still at a .5 on a scale from 0-I'm dying. I was in my room relaxing getting ready to play the waiting game. When is this "labor" going to start? What the hell is "labor" because I could do this all day everyday no pain at ALL. About  3 hours later the nurse came in the contractions were a little more intense just enough to make me let out a small moan from the pain. I asked her to help me adjust my legs, I was so uncomfortable. She came back in about 20min later and asked," How are they?" stupid me I thought she was referring to my uncomfortable legs that she repositioned. NOPE. She was talking about my pain level. "Oh its the same nothing has change, oh well." This &*(@$ then tells me that since my contractions are still the same oh well that they are going to send me home. WHAT!?!?!? ma'am you are not. Way to go Jess! She tells me to go walk the halls. I am so pissed. Time to put on a show and get a little dramatic. I walk for about 10 min and honestly they got a little stronger but I needed to get a plan together. Plan A: Moan and cry as I pass by the nurses station. CHECK. Get back to the room and now I am told if I haven't dilated I am for sure getting kicked out. frick. Plan B: Google, "If I get an Epidural can the hospital send me home?" hahah. CHECK.  EPIDURAL PLEASE!!!! Thank goodness I had dilated but now I have called the anesthesiologist in and he is about to stick that shit in my back WTF have I done. I have never been more terrified in my life. That was by far the worst part of my birthing experience. Its now 2:30am and I am great. Okay so lets cut to the chase. Its now 5:45am Doctor breaks my water again and by 6:10am I felt like I need to toot. NOOOO Mrs. Baker PLEASE STOP! WHAT! What is going on, oh nothing just that we are not ready and there are no doctors on the floor right now and your baby is trying to escape. No way Jose I am pushing so get ready....thanks. 7 min later my sweet baby girl was in my arms.

Daddy cut the cord, my mom and dad were on speaker phone and got to listen in on all the fun, and I didn't know whether I wanted to cry or not I was soooo happy and in shock.

She was 6 pounds 6 ounces and 19 3/4 inches long.

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And so it begins....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WHOA!!! Where the he** have you been?!?!?!!?

omg this is cray-cray! I have been MIA since week 33 in my pregnancy. I officially suck at blogging. I honestly think I have ADD. NO JOKE. My mind jumps from one thing to the next constantly so all day I am trying to do 7 things at once and never finishing one. Or maybe I have just lost my mind and have no clue how to be organized.

Okay so ya want me to catch you up real quick on life? Too bad I am going to anyways.

Here we are at 34 weeks! Yay still no stretch marks :)

35 weeks and our name reveal!!!!

 36 weeks nothing special just my bump and my awesome-oh so sexy- Hannah Montana  pants

 Skip 37 weeks I will post a link of my Maternity Photos
and last picture week 38

 Now we are all caught up there.

Summary of the last weeks of pregnancy:

I must say when people tell you the last few weeks take the longest, THEY DO! OMGosh! By week 36 I was ready, done, completely OVER IT! We had a few "I think its time"'s  but no baby. During week 37 I started contracting irregularly and kept contracting through week 38. STILL NO BABY :(  By week 39 the contractions were more intense but not regular enough to admit. (oh yea this week I pee'd my pants A LOT...just thought I'd share that with you ) I had a membrane sweep/strip done at my appt on May 17th at 3:00pm. After I left I felt cramping nothing too painful. Went home threw on some running clothes, grabbed a dog, and walked/ran for about an hour. By 5pm I decided to really pack my hospital bags. And by 5:30pm I was feeling the contractions....well not really I felt a dull annoying pain. PS- I was 3cm dilated at the appt. Around 6:00 I left for the hospital..........

OKAY I have to for now :) see you soon!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

33 weeks :)

Well here is my ever growin belly at 33 weeks and 5 days.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sun please don't go to sleep

Today was a GOOD day :) I had a photo session with a sweet family from the best place on earth...yes Texas. Small world I met them last year for a photo shoot come to find out they are from a town about 45min from Katy. I love meeting people from TX up here. Its like you have an instant connection and its comforting.

Here is the set up I put together for our session.

I can't wait to share this girly fun....ness with my sweet girl who I will see in 47 days or less!!!!

So just to break it down and make myself feel better:

~ Easter is on Sunday
~Asa gets back in 12 days.
~2 weeks later I will be 37 weeks which is considered full term :)
~ And finally MAY will be here 2 days later

I have a feeling she will be here May 14th. You wanna make your guess?

Okay I got off track back to my day.

Look who I spent the afternoon with


Chloe & Lexie :)
2 of the most awesome girls I know here in DC!!!!
We spent the afternoon doing what us girls do But I wasn't in the shopping mood after being out in the sun all day. Probably a good thing though because I don't need to be buying any more baby stuff.  When I go shopping I have every intention of buying something for myself but now I never do, it's all for baby. Crazy how things change. I was very selfish before, okay I might still be a little selfish, but now everything I buy is for baby.

Has anyone figured out her name yet? Well keep trying!

After a beautiful fun filled day its sad to see the sun go down. I don't want to go to bed! My incentive to going to sleep is when I wake up I have a full box of Toaster Strudels waiting for me in the freezer!! yummmy. No! I am not going to eat them all at once are you crazy!? And I will be one day closer to seeing Asa and my baby girl.


Monday, April 2, 2012

??? Guess Her Name???

OKAY!!! If you know the name because we told you welll...... SHHHHH! Don't spill the beans!

Here is a picture of the Letters I bought the other day at Hobby Lobby that I am going to decorate for her wall.

What do you think??? :)

32 weeks

32 weeks

Total weight gain?: 14 pounds

Maternity Clothes?: Nope I don't think I will need them now that it is warmer....hello dresses!

Stretch Marks?: No

Movement?: She is a little gymnast. Moves non-stop.

Food Cravings?: Tyson Chicken Nuggets 

Belly Button in or out?: OUT

Wedding rings on or off?: on 

Looking forward to?: Announcing her name!!!

7 weeks to go!!!